The End Is in Sight in Midland

Cary and Judy Hirdes have made many trips to Midland, Michigan to help with the rebuild process at the Moots' & Kennedy's homes since the floods early in May. Judy shares a recent update:

We made another trip to Midland, MI on October 26th for three days of work. Cary made the final connections for gas and the thermostat and the exhaust to get the furnace working at the Moots’ home. It was getting pretty cold this week so the other workers appreciated coming in to a warm house the next morning. There was a lot of activity going on while we were there which was exciting. A painter was giving all of the trim a good coat of paint, so there were strips of wood across the floors in several rooms. The painter was also working on making all the inside doors a beautiful dark brown color. Then he painted the two main walls of the kitchen so the cabinets could be hung.

Two other men were screwing down another layer of flooring throughout the house to prepare for final flooring. On Tuesday, the 27th, all of the cabinets and bathroom vanities were delivered. Several of us went through them all to verify the order and to inspect them. On Wednesday, the 28th, the cabinets and interior doors were hung. It's exciting to see this project near completion after so many months of hard work!

If you'd like to see more photos, you can look at the Midland Photo Album here.


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