A Special Thank You from the Saints in Ukraine

Mission to the World Ukraine (PCA) is thankful for your support of Ukraine through the Crates for Ukraine effort over the past year! Your partnership and support have allowed them to come alongside the Ukrainian Church and supply aid, security, and most of all encouragement in the Gospel. 

As a result of your generous gifts and prayers, the church in Ukraine does not feel alone in the war. Below is a taste of what Ukraine has looked like the past year.

  • 0 – Requests denied because of lack of funding.
  • 5 – Nights of uninterrupted missile-free sleep in Kyiv over the past month.
  • 45 – Pastors gathered at a recent meeting in Kyiv despite the war.
  • 664 – Days since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
  • ~ 3,275 – Crates of humanitarian aid packed and sent by the American church since summer 2022.
  • ~ $4,000,000 – Dollar value of aid sent (some in route) and distributed by the Ukrainian church since summer of 2022.
  • ALL – of the churches in Ukraine are still open and worshiping despite the war.

MTW Ukraine also offers monthly Zoom reports. The next update is planned for (Zoom link) Sunday, January 21 @ 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern. You can find December’s report by going here: Sunday, December 17, 2023 (recording). You can also follow “Teamlviv_Updates” on Instagram.


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