Crates for Ukraine FAQ

Confused about the Crates for Ukraine effort? Not sure how to get started? Take a look at some frequently asked questions that may be the same as yours!

If you still have unanswered questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Getting Started

I've decided to participate. What should I do first?

Register! You can register for the effort here. Hurry! Registration closes on November 10, 2023

When is the deadline for packing crates?

The need is urgent. Please pack and deliver your crates ASAP. You should register your participation immediately, and plan to deliver your crates no later than November 21, 2023. Registration will close on November 10, 2023. 

How can I get my church involved?

  • The best way to get going is to rally a few (or more) individuals at you church who are willing to help. A good way to do this may involve sharing this video on Ukraine Awareness Month, if you haven’t already. Alternatively or additionally, you can show CDM Administrator, David Nakhla's report to his congregation to your church.
  • If you have multiple people willing to help, it may be good to split the work up by teams. You can designate a “buying team” (those willing to buy or collect necessary supplies), “packing team” (those who can gather together to pack the crates), and “transportation team” (those who are able to transport the crates to Dallas or Chattanooga).
  • Make crate-packing into an activity for your whole church! Order pizza or bring snacks and encourage others to join you for a night of fellowship and service!

Can I pack a crate with my family?

Anyone can pack and send a crate! Individuals, families, and especially churches are encouraged to participate. Please keep in mind that Crates for Ukraine suggests packing no less than four crates in order to make your work and cost of transporting the crates financially worthwhile.


What should I pack in the crates?

  • Note, there are specific items and quantities for each crate. This is a big change from our previous CFU aid projects where packers had flexibility... there is no flexibility on what goes in each crate. It is critical that you include the exact items and exact quantities listed. Do NOT add additional items or deviate from the master crate lists.

How should I gather the supplies for the crates?

  • You can either ask individuals to buy and donate supplies, or consider asking your deacons or session if the church is able and willing to provide funding for the supplies.
  • It is important to note the items and quantities needed are very specific. It is best to familiarize yourself with the different types of crates and the specific supply lists for each in order to decide on what supplies you will need. You can find detailed instructions with that information here

How much does it cost to pack a crate?

  • Note, there are specific items and quantities for each crate. This is a big change from our previous CFU aid projects where packers had flexibility... there is no flexibility on what goes in each crate. It is critical that you include the exact items and exact quantities listed. Do NOT add additional items or deviate from the master crate lists.
  • Crates can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart and are about $100./four crates.
  • Consider partnering with other churches in your area to reach the 4 crate suggested minimum

Is there any assistance available to help me or my church cover the cost of packing a crate?

Yes. If your church is unable to cover the costs of packing a crate (or four), the Committee on Diaconal Ministries is offering financial aid for both supplies and those interested in serving as a Local Drop Point. You can learn more and apply here.


What kind of crates should I use?

Is there a specific way to pack the crates?

Crates must be packed using our master crate packing lists with exact items and specific quantities for each of the 3 different crate types. This is a new process and big change from previous CFU initiatives. Please do not deviate from the master packing list or add additional items. You must follow the lists exactly. See STEP 2 for details about the master crate packing lists and how to pack crates.

Is there a weight limit for each crate?

Since you will be only packing the specific items listed in the quantities required, there is no need to worry about weight.

Can we pack and send encouraging notes in our crates?

Please do NOT add anything extra to your crates (this is very critical). Only provide items on the supply lists. HOWEVER, we would love for you to mail encouraging notes and / or drawings by children to Cindy Rhea. We will collect them and send them to Ukraine. We have been asked by many in Ukraine to collect and provide these types of items. Mail encouraging notes to:
Cindy Rhea
c/o PCPC 
4124 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219


What do I do with the crates once they are packed?

  • Churches or individuals are asked to transport the crates to a local drop-off point. New locations are being added regularly! Check this list to see if one is near you.
  • You can also reach out to Cindy Rhea ([email protected]), who may be able to connect you with other willing drivers. 
  • You are welcome to partner with other churches in your area or presbytery to get the crates to either of those locations. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to see if we know of any churches in your presbytery who are also participating.

Is there a way to order and ship supplies to another church who is packing crates?

YES. This is an option, but please consider packing 4 crates with your own church or partnering with other churches in your area before going with this secondary option. If this first option doesn't work for you, then you may purchase approved WOUND CARE  items from this PCPC AMAZON LIST and ship the items directly  to Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCPC) in Dallas (address below). PCPC will collect approved WOUND CARE supplies from anyone who cannot pack their own crates. We are only requesting Basic Wound Care items through this buy and ship option. 
Cindy Rhea
c/o PCPC 
4124 Oak Lawn Ave

Dallas, TX 75219

I would like to volunteer to transport other church's crates to either Dallas or Chattanooga.

We are very appreciative of your willingness to transport crates, as this is the most difficult step for most churches. Please be sure to check out all the information about Local Drop Point requirements and then contact Cindy Rhea at [email protected].

The Process

How will my crates get to Ukraine?

  • Once they arrive in either Chattanooga or Dallas, the crates will be put on pallets, flown to Vienna, Austria, and then shipped to CFU’s local warehouse in Lviv, Ukraine. From there, the Ukrainian church receives the crates and distributes them across Ukraine to those in need.
  • The cost to palletize crates and ship them to Lviv is being donated and/or covered by others. Two international companies are donating their costs to help and are providing their services at no cost to us. 

Is this a denomination-wide effort?

The CDM believes that the Crates for Ukraine 3.0 is a worthy ministry for OPC churches to engage in to demonstrate the love of Christ to brothers and sisters, as well as those not walking with Jesus, suffering in Ukraine. There is much information to be found here: That said, while it may be self-evident, officers and churches should be aware that some of this aid may be distributed to the front line. This inherently makes the needs unique, and distribution along with the gospel difficult. The church in Ukraine has been and continues to seek to promote the gospel with the aid, but it may not always be in the way they or we would do so in a peaceful and non-war environment. Additionally, some of this aid may be provided to those wounded in battle. All this being known, the CDM encourages churches to consider this ministry and pray that this aid being sent would indeed be used by the living God to turn hearts to Christ Jesus.

Mission To the World, an agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, has launched an initiative called Crates for Ukraine with the goal of gathering and delivering basic supplies to the most needy communities in Ukraine. This is a practical and urgent opportunity to support to efforts aiding Ukraine and those trapped within its borders. The OPC is working with sister denomination, the PCA, in this endeavor.


This information and much more can also be found at, but don’t hesitate to let us know if anything is unclear or if we can be of help in any way. Thank you for your willingness to get involved with this Crates for Ukraine!


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