Houston Hurricane Response Ministry: Outreach, Work List, Team Videos

February 2018


JEFF DAVIS (Site Coordinator) and MARK SUMPTER (Regional Home Missionary, Presbytery of the Southwest)

Outreach and Evangelism in Disaster Response:

Our volunteer Site Coordinator, Jeff Davis, routinely starts each day off by having a short time of devotions with the volunteers. This sets the tone for the outreach aspect of this ministry which is focused on being the hands and feet of Jesus. This leads to occasions almost every day for evangelistic conversations and times of prayer for those being helped.

Work List: Sample of work being done by volunteer teams in Houston:

  • rebuilding kitchen cabinetry
  • installing ceiling lights
  • electrical wiring of various kinds (re-wiring, outlets, switches, boxes)
  • drywall installation, taping, floating, sanding and touching up
  • inspection and assessment of flood damage
  • kitchen cabinet prep and priming
  • window finishing
  • finish trim work
  • installing HVAC registers
  • install new water line for lavatory in a half bath
  • clean-up and preparation for carpet and tile installation
  • tearing out bathroom tiles and walls
  • interior painting
  • installation of doors, doorway, and floor trim
  • installation of fresh water line in kitchen
  • sanding of all primed wood in preparation for painting
  • tile laid in kitchen and laundry room
  • baseboard and shoe molding installed
  • kitchen sink and faucet installed
  • bathroom sink and faucet installed
  • installation of engineered snap flooring and baseboards
  • cement board installed in bathrooms
  • completed built-in bookshelves in two rooms
  • pour leveling cement
  • tear out utility cabinets
  • remove old HVAC and install new system
  • installation of new roof at the Vietnamese CMA church
  • removed ceiling tile and insulation
  • repaired a leak, replaced a toilet
  • repaired or replaced ceiling lights, exit signs, outlets
  • sound booth re-wired and organized
  • and more!

Videos of Some of Our Volunteers in Houston:

The following brief videos, created by Site Coordinator Jeff Davis, provide a glimpse into some of the work being done by volunteer teams in Houston.











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