How to Volunteer

Updated March 11, 2019


OPC Disaster Response is currently mobilized in:

North Carolina (Hurricane Florence Relief):

    • Click HERE to complete the Hurricane Florence Volunteer Application Form
    • Click HERE for FAQ's about serving in North Carolina
    • Click HERE to contact the Hurricane Florence Volunteer Coordinator
    • Click HERE for a printable poster calling for volunteers in North Carolina

Houston (Hurricane Harvey Relief):

    • Click HERE to complete the Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Application Form
    • Click HERE for FAQ's about serving in Houston
    • Click HERE to contact the Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Coordinator
    • Click HERE for details about serving as a "Site Coordinator"

Puerto Rico (Hurricane Maria Relief):

The Disaster Response phase of things is now complete in Puerto Rico. However, there is the possibility that our very hospitable OPC churches in Puerto Rico would welcome visitors from our USA congregations to encourage the churches there and participate in local outreach.

    • Click HERE to contact the Hurricane Maria Volunteer Coordinator

All Current Opportunities:

  • Click HERE for a direct link to overviews of all current opportunities to serve with OPC Disaster Response

Get Inspired:

"If you enjoy the provision of love and fellowship within the church of Jesus Christ, be encouraged to pray for opportunities to spread that same love in service to those beyond your own local congregation—and when those opportunities come, embrace them! You won’t be disappointed by the strength and fellowship that God generously provides."


Rev. Robert Holda and Mrs. Wendy Harness wrote about the Harness Family's experience serving as a hurricane relief team in Houston, in the June 2018 issue of New Horizons.

Type of Volunteers Needed:

  • Skilled volunteers are needed for major repairs and reconstruction work
  • Unskilled volunteers can support the skilled team and help with local outreach

Disaster Response is diaconal:

  • Let your deacons know that you are interested in volunteering for hurricane relief
  • Ask if they can help you put together a team from your church
  • Ask if diaconal funds can be used towards your transportation and food

Contact OPC Disaster Response:

  • Click HERE to contact OPC Disaster Response