Hurricane Irma: Update from Puerto Rico

by Rev. Tom Church and Rev. Roberto Quiñones (September 8, 2017)

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September 7, 2017:

from Rev. Tom Church (Immanuel OPC, Bellmawr, NJ) on behalf of our churches in Puerto Rico. The OP churches in Puerto Rico are part of the Presbytery of New Jersey.

This morning word came from our contacts in Puerto Rico, where the OPC has 3 congregations, that there appears to be no damage to either churches or homes of members resulting from Hurricane Irma. We trust subsequent information will bear this out. The two San Juan congregations expect to be worshiping on Sunday.

The island was spared the full force of this Category 5 hurricane which passed to the north on Wednesday night but severely buffeted Puerto Rico with strong winds and rain. At least half of the island is without power and may not have it for some time. There were voluntary evacuations along the coast but to this point we’ve not heard of any loss of life. Other islands of the Windward Island chain were not so fortunate and are needful of prayer.

September 8, 2017:

From Primera Iglesia Presbiteriana Ortodoxa Jesús es la Verdad, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We are OK. The structure of our church didn't suffer any damage. All the members are OK, to my knowledge. The only problems are: electricity and water. If I receive any different news I will be glad in sharing it with you. We praise the Lord that He preserved us from that huge Hurricane. 
Yours in Christ,
Roberto Quiñones




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