Hurricane Sally Update

September 22, 2020

Pastor John Schortmann, Covenant OPC, Pensacola, FL reports they were able to worship yesterday, without power, preaching to the light of battery-powered lantern. He praises the Lord for the care of the congregation. One member was flooded, but seems to be covered by insurance, thank the Lord. Many from church came out to clean up on Saturday and 70% of debris cleaned up.

In God’s providence, he sustained them. The Lord provides! What a wonderful time of worship today! No power in the church. No lights. But the Lord sent the rain to give us cooler temperatures. What a delight to worship our wonderful God.

September 17, 2020

Rev. John Schortmann, pastor of Covenant OPC in Pensacola, FL, reports that two pine trees came down at the church building and took out power to the church. There is debris everywhere. But, besides a small roof leak, there seems to be little damage to the church building, thank the Lord! We hope to have more to report on the status of the congregants soon. Please pray for all in the path of this hurricane.

092020 Worshipping by battery-powered lantern

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