OPC Disaster Response Volunteer Waiver

 Disaster Response Clean Up, Construction & Repair 

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church 607 N. Easton Road, Bldg. E Willow Grove, PA 19090 OPCDisasterResponse.org.


All Presbyteries and Churches of the OPC VOLUNTEER WAIVER, Release and Indemnity Agreement 

 I HEREBY acknowledge that I am willingly and voluntarily entering into a ministry venture with other volunteers, both skilled and unskilled, for the purpose of assisting people in a ministry context. I represent that I am acting in a strictly volunteer capacity and that I am paying my own expenses and providing my own insurance. 

I understand and acknowledge that the work I will be involved in may at times be hazardous and I assume all risks associated with my involvement in this effort. I further acknowledge that accidents may occur on or around the work site and traveling to and from said site, involving motor vehicles, or tools and equipment.

I understand that any motor vehicle in which I may be transported will be operated by licensed drivers, who may or may not be professional drivers. I therefore waive, release, agree to indemnify and hold harmless OrthodoxPresbyterianChurch (OPC), all presbyteries and churches of the OPC, their agents, employees, representatives, and volunteers with whom I may be working from any and all liability claims, injuries, damages, losses, expenses of attorneys’ fees, actions or causes of actions which I have or may hereafter discover as a result of my participation in this ministry effort.

I further waive/release, indemnify and hold harmless all parties herein and above mentioned from any claim, action, cause of action for damages, injuries, or losses of any kind which my heirs, administrators, executors or assigns may attempt to assert on my behalf.

I further release all parties above mentioned for any losses or damage to vehicles, tools, or equipment, which I may own and have used in connection with this ministry site. I understand that I am expected to provide my own insurance in case of accident, illness, or injury and that the OPC and all presbyteries and churches of the OPC, do not provide insurance for volunteers. Personal liability insurance is the responsibility of the volunteer.

By my signature below I attest to the fact that I have adequate medical insurance for participating in this work effort. I agree that I will not use my affiliation with the OPC, or any presbytery or church of the OPC to further my own ‘for profit’ business or business venture. I will further allow the OPC, OPC presbyteries, and OPC churches where I volunteer to use any photos taken of myself and, if applicable, my team for future publications.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

    Signature of Parent or Guardian is Required if Volunteer is Under 18. Parent or guardian, please date and sign below.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The above signature gives permission for responsible adults overseeing the OPC volunteer disaster response work to obtain medical attention for my son/daughter should it become necessary.

  • Witness Section

    On the date listed below, I personally witnessed the parent/guardian signature. (Please date and sign below.)
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

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