Crates For Ukraine

Quick Facts

  • Status: Register your church or group and fill your crates by August 31!
  • Date: The time to collect supplies is NOW!
  • Contact: Mission To the World
  • Costs: Supplies and potential travel

Mission To the World (MTW) has launched an initiative called Crates for Ukraine with the goal of gathering and delivering basic supplies to the most needy communities in Ukraine. This is a practical and urgent opportunity to support to efforts aiding Ukraine and those trapped within its borders.

The mission of CFU is as follows:

“At the request of the Ukrainian Church and our national partners, to provide personal and humanitarian aid from the hands of churches in the U.S. to the hands of churches and displaced communities in Ukraine.”

Currently, the MTW L’viv team is receiving and sending aid in connection with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine (EPCU). MTW hopes to accompany this aid with personal engagement and sowing the seeds of long-term gospel community.

What can you do?
First and foremost, MTW is asking churches and groups to donate and collect personal and medical care supplies to send to Ukraine. Additionally, you are invited and welcomed to personally courier the supplies you gather to Krakow, Poland if you are able. If you are not, MTW will match your supplies with a courier in your region.

What supplies can you donate?
There are three types of crates:

  • Basic Care (contains supplies that will help church members, families, and individuals (many of whom are displaced within the country) with their basic needs during a time of crisis and chaos. It includes things like toothbrushes, water filters, body wipes, etc.)
  • Basic meds (contains supplies that will go to our partnering churches that are setting up their own supply hubs for distribution within the country. It includes things like ibuprofen, baby powder, Claritin, Vitamin D, etc.)
  • Basic wound care (contains supplies that will go to both churches and key medical facilities where our national partners have contacts that are working with us. The supplies include alcohol wipes, bandages, first aid kits, etc.)

How to deliver the supplies:
Once you have gathered and packed your supplies, you should determine a courier (if you are able) and follow these three steps:

#1 Courier Team: Determine a 1-2 person team to fly the crates to Krakow. If your church can’t find a courier we will work to match you with someone in your region. Register your participation on the website below.
#2 Fly it to Krakow, Poland: After a Courier Team is determined, book your Krakow arrival date. Buy your ticket and verify your arrival time. See our website below for more details about this process.
#3 Spend a Day in Krakow: Spend 1-2 nights in Krakow, Poland. Hear about what the team is doing and enjoy the sights.

For more information or to register your supplies/couriers, please visit


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