Hurricane Response Site Coordinators Needed in Houston

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Updated May 2019

The OPC Hurricane Response Ministry continues in Houston, almost two years after 2017’s Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. Evangelist Nick Lammé was called in 2018 to serve in the area, and he is making new contacts with local residents who need help rebuilding their homes.

Hurricane Response Site Coordinators are needed to oversee reconstruction projects. The qualified man will have experience in the skilled trades, and be able to provide leadership to volunteer teams working on a variety of tasks and sites.

Overview of the Site Coordinator’s Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a liaison between the Regional Disaster Response Coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator, the volunteers, and the homeowners.
  • Understand and be able to communicate the goals of the OPC Disaster Response Ministry.
  • Oversee all aspects of indoor and outdoor projects being undertaken on a daily basis.
  • Keep homeowners informed of the progress of the work on their homes.
  • Welcome, orient, and oversee the work of volunteers.
  • Determine the number of volunteers needed, the skills needed, and the dates they are needed for each particular project, and communicate this to the Volunteer Coordinator for recruitment.
  • Report to the Regional Disaster Response Coordinator, giving regular updates on the status of each project, and requesting materials, funds or anything else needed for each project.


  • The Site Coordinator will be reimbursed for his travel to and from the field.
  • The Site Coordinator’s living expenses will be reimbursed while serving.
  • The Site Coordinator is encouraged to bring his wife.
  • The travel and living expenses of his wife will also be reimbursed.
  • An additional allowance or stipend may be available.

Local Transportation:

  • The Site Coordinator may be provided a truck for use in his labors.

The Work:

Here is a sample/partial list of work completed in Houston by Hurricane Harvey response teams:

  • Inspection of property damage to assess how we may serve the family, yard and property debris cleanup, tear out and demolition of damaged walls, floors, cabinetry and the like, mold remediation, repair/replace electrical wiring and fixtures, repair/replace plumbing and fixtures, install moisture barrier systems, install new insulation and drywall, finish and paint drywall, install flooring, windows, interior and exterior doors, interior moldings, lighting, kitchen cabinetry and appliances, reconstruct built-in shelves and cabinetry, inspect and repair HVAC systems, dig exterior drainage ditches and install drain pipe, regrade exterior of property to improve drainage, repair/replace gutters and downspouts, roof repairs.


  • Ability to work with people in a compassionate way
  • A reasonable understanding of each of the phases of construction
  • Prior volunteer work experience
  • Ability to manage volunteers, to recognize and work within their limitations and strengths
  • Flexible in expectations
  • Comfortable with both Christians and non-Christians
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing
  • Ability to manage time well

Site Assessments/Inspections:

  • Meet with disaster victims, pray with them
  • Try to assess where they are spiritually if they are not families known to the church
  • Examine work that needs to be done
  • Prioritize the work
  • Determine costs for the work
  • Write report of assessment, send it to the local Disaster Response Committee
  • If needed, assess alternate housing options for disaster victims

Working with Disaster Victims:

  • Maintain open communication
  • Work with the disaster victim to prioritize projects
  • When not managing other volunteers, be a volunteer working on the project(s) yourself
  • Enlist the disaster victim into their own recovery efforts
  • Guide and counsel victims, as needed, in their choices of action, materials, design, etc.

Working with Volunteers:

  • Assign volunteers to jobs that would best utilize the individual’s talents
  • Maintain proper supervision of work being done by unskilled workers
  • Ensure all necessary tools and supplies are made available to volunteers
  • Regularly check on progress of each project, staying abreast of status until project is complete
  • Look for opportunities to share the Christian faith with disaster victims

Working with Local Disaster Response Committee:

  • Work with the committee to determine which projects should be done, at what priority, and with how much financial resources
  • Submit weekly reports to the committee of all work done
  • Gather testimonials from volunteers and victims to aid in reports

Evangelist Nick Lammé:

Evangelist Nick Lammé was called to serve with the OPC Hurricane Harvey Response Ministry in Houston in 2018. As Nick make contacts, he discovers new opportunities for OPC Disaster Response to possibly get involved with rebuilding projects.

An Evangelist in Houston


Please contact David Nakhla directly with all questions and for further details:

David Nakhla
OPC Disaster Response Coordinator
Phone 562-760-7606



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