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In response to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, the OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries has established the “Ukraine Crisis Fund”. This fund will be used to support the efforts of OPC missionaries serving in L’viv, Ukraine, as they seek to minister to the thousands of refugees flooding to this western city.  This fund will also enable us to come alongside other sister churches in Ukraine and surrounding countries, such as Hungary, Romania, and Poland, who are now receiving refugees.

For those who feel they have no choice but to flee Ukraine—they now face life as a refugee; leaving behind their

homes, livelihoods, network of friends, neighbors, relatives, church family, possessions, and the only life and language they knew.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to show the love of Christ by ministering to brothers and sisters in Christ and by welcoming the stranger.  Although distance will make it difficult for our church to minister mercy directly at this time, we can enable those nearby to do so through our gifts and our prayers.

The OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries Disaster Response Subcommittee immediately sent $5,000 to our missionaries in Ukraine in response to the crisis.

You can contribute to this fund online by going to or by check:

Make check payable to “Orthodox Presbyterian Church” and designate as follows: 

Ukraine Crisis Fund (write “Ukraine Crisis Fund” on the check)

Mail to:

Committee on Diaconal Ministries
Orthodox Presbyterian Church
607 Easton Road, Bldg. E
Willow Grove, PA 19090-2539

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