Thankfulness in Plenty and Want

Most often when we consider thankfulness it’s for those things we enjoy; at least that’s how my mind works. And so I was convicted in reading Rev. Al Tricarico’s helpful article in the November 2023 issue of New Horizons on the circumstances under which the author of one of my favorite Thanksgiving hymns, “Now thank we all our God” wrote that hymn. I’ll try not to divulge too much, but I will at least say that the author of the hymn had very little to be thankful for, humanly speaking. And yet he had learned what it is to be thankful and content in times of plenty and times of want.

As we gather with friends, family, and loved ones to give thanks to God this year, may He enable all of us to find joy and thankfulness in all our circumstances, whatever they may be; whether in plenty or in need. For we serve the One who gave it all up, that we might, in time, have it all, into all eternity.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner together in lifting up the name of Jesus through short-term missions, through disaster response, and through a manifold ministry of mercy in 2023.

Read Rev. Tricarico’s article here.


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