Neon Kentucky Flood

Pastor Jay Bennett and his family went to bed as normal on Wednesday evening, July 27th.  At 2:30 am they were awakened by a blaring flood warning on Jay’s phone. By the time they were roused and looked outside, the floodwaters had reached a level that would have been unsafe to wade through. Living in the second-floor apartment above the solid brick building of Neon Reformed OPC, they were safe from what would become a raging torrent of water. Sadly, it’s become clear that there were many in Eastern Kentucky who were not so safe.

Ukraine Crisis

As Ukraine faces the devastating reality of a Russian invasion, Mission to the World (PCA) missionaries, OPC missionaries and members of 15 partner churches of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ukraine are on their knees seeking the Lord’s mercy, protection, and...

Ukraine Crisis Fund

Donations to this fund will go toward aiding our missionaries and others in Ukraine as they minister to displaced citizens fleeing their homes as a result of the war with Russia. The OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries Disaster Response Subcommittee immediately sent...

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